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Swarthmoor Methodist Church

Our history

In the 1860s the whole of Furness was an area of increasing activity and prosperity. Iron ore mining was extending very rapidly together with the appropriate processing works. Swarthmoor was a new village to house the workers in the local iron ore mines. Many of the miners were immigrants from, particularly, Cornwall, Wales and the Isle of Man. The Swarthmoor Chapel was built to give these miners and their families a place to worship; the inscription over the door says “Primitive Methodist Bethel Chapel 1864”. There was also a Bible Christian Chapel elsewhere in the village but this closed many years ago and is now a garage.

In more recent years the Church worked in partnership with St Leonard's Church in the village, sharing services and other work. St Leonard's, which was a mission church from Pennington Parish Church, closed some years ago although its building is still used by the community. The rather odd pattern of our services reflects this former collaboration. We are now the only church in Swarthmoor.

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