South Lakes Methodist Circuit

Cartmel Methodist Church

Our history

There was an active group of Methodists in the Cartmel area for many years during the nineteenth century. They met in homes and, occasionally, in the Quaker Meeting House. They were part of the Ulverston Circuit, which recorded 9 members for this churchless society. One of the leading families was the Gunsons of Ayside and in 1871 when the opportunity arose John Gunson purchased, for 60, a piece of land, formerly a tanyard, as a site for the new chapel. The foundation stone was laid in November 1871 and the church, built to seat 150 persons, was opened on October 1st 1872. Thanks were extended to the Friends Meeting House were services were held prior to the completion of the church. We had to use the Meeting House again more recently when the church suffered a catastrophic fire which necessitated a complete new floor and roof.

Despite the optimism about size, membership was never large, in 1972 the then membership of 23 was recorded as the largest in our history. But this was still a thriving Church with an active Sunday School and many meetings. People felt part of a vigorous, if small, community of Methodists.

Various modifications were made to the fabric over the years with the addition of toilets and a kitchen. Then, in 2007 we totally refurbished the premises, redecorating, carpeting, replacing the pews with chairs. We now have a comfortable, warm church. And it houses a warm friendly Christian Community.

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